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What is Arkonia Online?

Arkonia Online was created for players who have been waiting for a real tibia retro server for many years.
We've collected all the suggestions from older players who played Tibia at its best times, 2004-2008.
All content is based on Tibia 7.7, but we have implemented map and the most useful elements from 8.0 version.

The behavior of the monsters is very well mapped from the old Tibia. The map of Arkonia is from version 8.0
Spells and most of the formulas such as damages mostly come from version 7.7. In PvP fights, you still need to
target the runes at the players on the screen. It is impossible to use a rune on a player in the battle window.

Experience stages
Level 1 to 20 x8
Level 21 to 40 x6
Level 41 to 60 x4
Level 61 to 80 x3
Level 81 to 100 x2
Level 101 to 150 x1.5
Level 151- x1
Other rates
Skill x3
Magic x2
Loot x3
PvP Systems
Frags to Punishment
Frags to Redskull31020
Frags to Banishment51530
You don't have to buy spells
Conjured runes x2
Runes from shop x1
Instant travel (bring me to)

World Status:
Players online: 0
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